Sunday, July 29, 2007

Worried About the Weather, and the Land

Published: July 29, 2007

Summer has brought another rash of extreme weather around the world: relentless rain has caused flooding in Britain, India and Texas, and record-breaking heat has led to wildfires in Greece and in Utah — demonstrating, once again, how severe weather and climate change can quickly alter the landscape. But slower alterations in the earth’s natural features are happening, too, as a result of human activity, and some of these are far more drastic and lasting. The Op-Ed page asked four writers to report on how the environment is faring in their parts of the globe. Here are their dispatches.

The Great Swiss Meltdown by Peter Stamm

Sunny California by Mike Madison

Dining in a Drought in Australia by Justin North

Israel’s Incredible Shrinking Sea by Haim Watzman